Sparc philippines

Sparc "Power to Create"

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

No matter our talents and who we are, backgrounds and or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.

We believe everyone can create. We strongly dedicate ourselves to develop products that help achieve dreams and aspirations, create life moments, get things done in work and in school, and all other activities that we seek to pursue to realize goals.
Hexagon as our official brand icon is arguably the most powerful and fascinating symbol of nature. One of the oldest symbols ever used.This symbol is the building blocks of creation as it is found as well in the structure of nature and DNAs.

Sparc logo icon represents technologies and products to have functions as a stable foundation of which the components support each other mutually in balance and harmony.

Sparc Brand Etymology

The ultimate origin of everything came from a spark. The all-encompassing coherent theory of the creation of the universe.

Sparc Electronics Group

A privately owned consumer electronics and technology company headquartered in Hong Kong and currently operating in southeast asian region.

SPARC designs and develops an affordable and quality LED TVs, computers, laptops, soundbars, home entertainment devices, and other related consumer electronics.

Business Model

Sparc business framework was born online selling directly to consumer via e-commerce, without selling product through traditional sales channel such as department stores, boutiques, or other retailers. SPARC business simply cuts out any middlemen and doing away with wholesalers and distributors.

Electronic products made affordable in premium design and feel, a good quality with direct support and after sales service, exclusively manufactured from our factory and selling directly to consumer.

Sparc Philippines

Exclusive import distributor for the Philippine market. Running different marketing and support related operations and securing after-sales service for its customers.